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Horse Joint Supplements Are Not A Permanent Cure

Do you think that your horse has become affected with lameness? Do you feel that joint pain is the cause of your horse's lameness? If so, read on. 
Joint pain is a serious health concern for many horses in the United States. A recent survey conducted by the Surpass Equine Arthritis foundation reveals that nearly 50% of horses in the usa suffer from lameness and other issues associated with joint pain. 
There are many horse joint supplements on the market that can help cure your horse's lameness. With plenty of products in the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. 
But before you proceed, we'd like to warn you:
Joint supplements are not a permanent cure. High dosage of a particular supplement can actually complicate problems. Joint supplements are often a last resort option only when the foods you give your horse aren't having the desired effect on him. 
Given below are some of the best horse joint supplements in the market and their pros and cons... 
1. Adequan
If your horse has difficulty taking oral supplements, Adequan is a wise alternative because it is an injected solution. This injected solution is best for: 
- Chronic joint soreness
- Prevents joint pain in horses that are involved in heavy work
If your horse is experiencing difficulty while training, there's a chance that he could be experiencing a low-level joint pain. Adequan can help relieve the low-level joint pain and can help your horse recover. The dosage of this supplement contains 5-7 intra-muscular injections once every 5 days. 
2. Legend
Hayluronic acid is the main ingredient for the liquid joint supplement, Legend. Legend is the best for inflammation in the joint. It is recommended that you inject this supplement to the horse if he experiences fatigue following a workout. This supplement needs to be injected once a week for 3 weeks. 
3. MSM
MSM may be a supplement which is very helpful in preventing joint damage. It's filled with antioxidant mineral sulphur that can help the muscles and connective tissues of your horse. MSM is a supplement that can be fed to your horse before an arduous workout or maybe a show preventing any joint damage. 
4. Antioxidants
Thinning in the joint fluid is one of the main grounds for joint pain in a horse. The joint fluid thins naturally after a hard workout or show. Antioxidants stop the joint fluid from thinning. Antioxidants are available in various everyday substances for instance Chia Seeds, Wheat Sprouts, etc. You should feed antioxidants to your horse immediately after a heavy workout.


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